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12 June 2019

Playlist for your venueGetting the Music for your venue right

Music plays a huge part in the popularity and the success of your venue.  Whether you own a cafe, themed restaurant, takeaway or retail store.  However, it still surprises us how so many places still get their music playlist so very wrong.

Music has the ability to influence peoples thinking, mood and neuroscientists have now noticed it can also influence the taste of food & drink too (read this article).

Our Top 5 tips to master your venues music

  1. The theme of your music should echo the food on your menu
  2. Your playlists should emphasise your diners experience
  3. the music also needs to compliment the decor
  4. Keep the music fresh and update frequently
  5. Ensure the music you are playing is legal

Furthermore it is amazing how certain restaurants only use the CD they purchased in the 1990’s (Rick Astley Greatest Hits springs to mind).  These venues consider this to be sufficient background music to play on repeat for their diners experience.

How great it is when some thought has gone into creating an easy listening playlist to ease in to the morning. Not only for your customers benefit but also for also for staff too.  Romantic diners listening to love songs whilst eating sharing plates.  The right music also adds some authenticity to themed restaurants in the UK.  Indian Street Food can only be enhance with the sounds of some Bangla & Bollywood soundtracks.

Ensure the music for your venue is legal

With the appearance of subscription based music applications such as Apple Music and Spotify, Soundcloud and Music Play it has never been so easy to create the right music for your venue. Whilst these are great to create the sound ensure the music system you choose is legal.  Furthermore, a recently report has shown 83% of all venue play there music via illegal sources.  Spotify, for example, is an illegal source for playing music in your venue.

Subscription Services for your Venues Music

There are legal subscription services purely for your venue with ready made playlists. Companies such as SoundtrackYourBrand.com, rockbot.com and musicconcierge.com have curated excellent sounds for eating establishments.

Other venues have made their name by selling their own curated playlists.  For example Cafe Del Mar, Hotel Costes, Ku de Ta and Nikki Beach

Business Owners Share music for their venues

OLLIE DABBOUS, Dabbous Restaurant

What he says “At lunch our restaurant playlist is relaxed but upbeat, with a slight leaning towards acoustic, indie and folk music. At night, it is more sultry and electric, though still very eclectic. Below is a typical example of what we’d play.”

What’s on his list Lunch includes Alessi’s Ark and Beirut, while dinner goes from Antony & The Johnsons to The Roots.

FLORENCE KNIGHT, Polpo Restaurant

What she says “I’ve got a very eclectic taste in music, but all these songs make me happy and make everyone pull together, which is what you need when you’re working such long hours.”

What’s on her list Little Dragon, Nouvelle Vague, Nouvelle Vague, Nick Drake, Wild Beasts.

RACHEL KHOO, Little Paris Kitchen Cook Book

What she says “Music is a must for me, especially when I’m cooking. I put this French-inspired playlist together especially for the guests who came for lunch at my Little Paris Kitchen. The songs range from the classic Serge Gainsbourg to the fun electro sounds of Yelle, making it the perfect way to get into the Parisian way of cooking and entertaining.”

What’s on her list Arnaud Fleurent-Didier, Ladyhawke, La Femme, Edith Piaf.

Harvey Silver Hodgkinson are here if you are looking to start your restaurant, coffee shop or drinking establishment. We have been established for over 40 years.  We have 100’s of business for sale and premises to let around the North-West of England.

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Food for Thought!

Morning Cafe Playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/eugenelow/playlist/19ZZ0NS8edpWBtoq3rYhZ5

Afternoon Acoustic Playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX4E3UdUs7fUx

Chinese Inspired Playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/frankie1957/playlist/6oY6g1fY9syIx04ETbvjZN

Thai Inspired Playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/1240752071/playlist/4zjuMcT0KZCBxMOkBtDkHl

Indian Inspired Playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/curryupaa/playlist/2VTDzUwyuhRL4JniFxIJSd

Just make sure you have the appropriate licence for playing music – PPL for recorded music and PRS for live music

Business Soundtrack Music Playlist

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